What is RD in CrossFit?

RC: Rope Climb. RD: Ring Dips. Rx’d; as Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments.

What does Rd stand for in CrossFit?

HAP: Heavy as Possible. ALT: Alternating. Rds: rounds in a workout. OTM: on the min. WOD: Workout of the Day.

What does RR mean in CrossFit?

PR – Personal Record. RX – Workout as prescribed. Scaled – Modification of a workout. For example, if you cannot do pull-ups, we would scale you down to a ring row (RR) or Jumping Pull-up. 1RM – 1 Rep Max.

What is the hardest move in CrossFit?

The 5 Toughest Movements in CrossFit to Master

  1. Single-arm kettlebell overhead squat. That’s a mouthful. …
  2. The triple-under. Some of you might be shocked that’s even a thing. …
  3. The strict muscle-up. …
  4. The deficit handstand push-up. …
  5. The L-sit.

What does PS stand for in CrossFit?

PS stands for Power Snatch. The Power Snatch is a snatch without a squat. Many top CrossFit workouts include the Power Snatch, or something similar. PU. PU usually refers to pull-ups in CrossFit, but can also refer to push-ups in some cases depending on context.

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What does RMU mean in CrossFit?

It’s one of the most complex gymnastic movements in CrossFit, but yet not always treated as such. True, in its purest form, a ring muscle up is simply a pull-up, a sit-up, and a dip.

What does OG mean in CrossFit?

OG means original gangster – CrossFit Danville.

What is Bob in CrossFit?

BOB: ball (or body) over box. BBOB: ball and body over box. BS: back squat. BW: body weight. C&J: clean and jerk.

What does TM mean in CrossFit?

A countdown used at the start of many CrossFit WODs. 11 of 21. Illustrated by: Tristan Offit. Metcon: Metabolic Conditioning. These types of training sessions usually involve periods of intense activity followed by a period of rest; they’re designed to improve your stamina and endurance. (

What is a good time for Bert WOD?

Intermediate athletes should finish in 50-70 minutes. Most of the exercises in “Bert” are approachable by all skill levels, however the volume of the movements is high. Reduce the volume as needed so you can move smoothly and steadily throughout the WOD and finish.

What is CrossFit Masters age?

Age group athletes, which include teens aged 14-17 and masters aged 35 and over, will see their competition increased for the 2021 CrossFit competitive season.

What is the best age to start CrossFit?

The AAP also said that children can begin other types of strength training around age 8, and the group said it considers this a safe and effective way for kids to prevent injuries and get stronger.

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