How do you use a massage gun after a workout?

To use the massage gun to do this, fire it up and spend 90 to 120 seconds moving up and down each muscle group. Again, you’re doing this throughout the muscle belly, not near joints. This will help relax your muscles.

Is a massage gun good to use after a workout?

“You can use a massage gun whenever you’re looking to relieve some muscle tension, but it may be especially beneficial to use after a workout to promote recovery with reduced muscle soreness,” says Leada Malek, CSCS, a sports physical therapist in San Francisco who’s board-certified through the American Board of …

Where can I use my massage gun after running?

DO use on large muscle groups but avoid tendons and muscle attachments. This can also cause aggravation. DO use a massage gun on major muscle groups for about 15-30 seconds as part of a WARM-UP. DO use a massage gun on major muscle groups for 1-2 minutes after a run or workout.

Should I use a massage gun after a run?

If you want to alleviate post-run pain, we suggest prescribe investing in a massage gun. These nifty bits of kit use percussive therapy to reduce muscle soreness, pummelling your muscles to promote blood flow to the targeted area, keeping your muscles feeling fresh.

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Should I use Theragun right after workout?

“When it comes to recovery, I do think it’s best to do it right after and to use it frequently. I recommend using it for at least two minutes on the muscles you think will be sore. And then other muscles you can spot treat for 30 seconds to one minute,” Bankston said.

Do massage guns help lose weight?

When you target your sore area using a massage gun, you treat muscle knots and muscle tightness. This allows the lymph to move freely. An improved lymphatic system leads to better metabolism. And when you increase your metabolic rate, your muscles can burn more calories.

Are massage guns good for muscle knots?

Treating Muscle Knots

Muscle Massage Gun is a tool that is considered really beneficial to easy down muscle knots. Just Remember, treating muscle knots will require a lot of patience as it is not going to happen overnight.

How do you use a muscle gun?

To use it, you simply aim it at your skin, about an inch away, and let it pulsate back and forth, relaxing muscles and promoting bloodflow in much the same way a vibrating foam roller does. It’s easier to use than a foam roller though, and more natural. In theory, massage guns also offer a chance to modulate pain.

How do you use a massage gun on yourself?


  1. Turn on the Theragun without putting it on your body. …
  2. Rest the Theragun on your body. …
  3. Glide the Theragun along the muscle. …
  4. If you hit a knot or an area of tension, let the Theragun rest on that spot—without adding additional pressure—for a few moments before moving on.
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How often should you use a massage gun?

Whether it’s to boost performance or recover from a hard workout, massage guns should be used in short sessions. Additionally, it’s recommended to use them when needed between 2-3 times a day. For pre-workout sessions, float the massager over targeted muscles for 30-40 seconds to activate them for the task ahead.

How do you use a pre workout massage gun?

How to Use a Massage Gun Device

  1. Start with the lowest speed and increase as needed.
  2. Use a light touch to allow the vibration to help release tight knots.
  3. Hold it on a specific area for 10 secs, and continue to move slowly moving it around.
  4. Do not use it on injured areas, strains or sprains.

Do Theraguns actually work?

Another small study found that vibration devices helped with muscle soreness and range of motion. However, they did not assist muscle recovery. … As a result, the Theragun may not be effective for everyone in preventing muscle soreness or increasing range of motion.

Are muscle Guns good for recovery?

Muscle massager guns aren’t just great for viral videos; they’re an amazingly beneficial tool that helps recovery and injury prevention.

How long after Theragun Can you workout?

Float your Theragun for up to 2 minutes for muscle recovery post-workout to decrease soreness, and on any muscles that require immediate pain relief.

Does Theragun break up cellulite?

The short answer is yes. The long answer, however, is that it depends entirely on how you use the massage gun. If you use it properly, the cellulite will start to recede. However, if your technique isn’t just right, then the massage gun won’t help.

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