Question: Is gym a service?

Is a gym a product or a service?

A gym is often seen as a commodity service business. Because of this, you must differentiate yourself. Big chains, like Planet Fitness, for example, define a niche or target market and demographic.

What type of service is a gym?

A health club (also known as a fitness club, fitness center, health spa, and commonly referred to as a gym) is a place that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise.

Is a gym personal service?

In fact, the Department of Labor Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) lists personal trainers under Fitness and Recreation Workers, which is part of the Personal Service occupation category.

What is fitness as a service?

Its ambition has been to offer ‘fitness as a service’ – an up-to-date fitness experience with the hardware components of fitness equipment, such as tubular frames (which can last for decades), serviced as necessary and only the software, such as treadmills and seats (which are in contact with users), replaced.

What are the fitness products and services?

Fitness products include exercise equipment and props, monitoring devices and technology, and “performance” clothing and footwear. Fitness services include access to fitness centres, information and education, personal trainers, and specialty classes and programs.

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Why is a gym called gym?

The word gym is a shortened form of gymnasium, originally a Latin word meaning “school for gymnastics,” from the Greek gymnasion, “public place where exercises are practiced.” The preferred way to dress at a gym these days is in shorts or sweatpants, but back in Ancient Greece, men commonly exercised naked — hence the …

What is gym full form?

A gymnasium, also known as a gym, is a covered location for athletics. The word is derived from the ancient Greek gymnasium. … “Gym” is also slang for “fitness centre”, which is often an area for indoor recreation.

What is the difference between fitness and gym?

In short, a gym is a place; a fitness center is an experience. However, “gym” can also refer to a place where you pay for access to exercise equipment or classes. … They usually have cardio and weight training equipment.

What business category is gym?

NAICS 713940 – Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers is part of: NAICS 713900 – Other Amusement and Recreation Industries.

What Naics code is a gym?


2007 NAICS 2012 NAICS Index Entries for 713940
713940 713940 Gyms, physical fitness
713940 713940 Handball club facilities
713940 713940 Health club facilities, physical fitness
713940 713940 Health spas without accommodations, physical fitness

Is a personal trainer self employed?

Are personal trainers sole traders? In many cases, yes. Some may instead choose to set themselves up as a limited company, or join a gym as an employee, but personal trainers typically move into self-employment after their initial training.